The Clinically Insane 

The Clinically Insane 


About us page

Who are we ?

We are a group of long time gaming friends who have decided through our hours of gameplay to create our take on what works and what doesn't within servers to provide a balanced game for all to enjoy. 

Some of us have never met each other outside of the cyber world we all now live in !

Some of us have and we get long (Most of the time)


My name is Ben aka GaminWithBen

I am one of the owners of the clinically insane game servers.

Late 30's and a father of 2 beautiful girls. 

Gaming for many years starting with FPS on console , then transitioned many years later to PC.

Interests are Gaming / Fishing / Anything with an engine. 

Favourite song = Bad Boys theme tune

Favourite Films = All Harry Potters / Back to the future trilogy

Bad habits = Selective hearing / vaping


Hi I am Dan aka Eboober 

I am late 40's father of many

I am one of the owners of The Clinically Insane and I am the visionary behind the dynamic and economy of the servers.

Father of many

Interests are Gaming, Boat Building, Desktop arcade machine builder

Favourite song = Anything country cause if it aint country it aint music

Favourite film = Tremors

Bad habits  = Brutal Honesty


Hi I am John aka nuke187

I am a long time friend with the owners and a in game admin. 

I play the game through and help as a normal player would.

I enjoy playing as a player to build that interaction with others.

I also contribute to the up time of the servers to ensure they stay alive and well

I am the owner of Ark server Fjordur also and the main visionary behind the way it plays ! 

Interests = Physics, Gaming, Electric bike and video editing to youtube

Favourite song = Scottish national anthem

Favourite film = Boss Level

Bad Habits = Lazy AF


Hi I am  Bas  aka Mainframe

I have know the server owners and the team for a very long time

I am very methodical and the team frequently ask for my help on coding / conflicts as i like to work to solutions !

I play within the servers as a normal player and play the game for what it is..

Interests = Gaming , Rc Planes

Favourite song = 

Paul Simon - Kodachrome

Favourite films = Lord of the rings (all of them)

Bad habits = Alcohol

Benjamin Wright