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{DAYZ} Can't Find Server On Steam Launcher ?

  1. Open up "Steam"
  2. Top of the page click "View"
  3. Click "Servers"
  4. In pop up on the tabs at the top click "favourites"
  5. At the bottom of the page click "add a server"
  6. Enter the direct connection IP and port into that box 
  7. Click "Add this address to favourites"
  8. Done

Then when you launch your standard steam launcher filter to favourites and the server will appear............

{DAYZ}  Can't Find Server On DZSA Launcher ?

Close your DZSA launcher

Open your DZSA launcher

{DAYZ}  PBO Errors ?


Open setting cog and click Verify workshop mods

Waiting until all of the mods under the mods tab have completed

Close DZSA re-open

Still did not work - navigate to steam and verify the integrity of game files

In Dayz Launcher

This is usually due to the server needed a mod update - please place comment in the #issues log on the Discord channel

{DAYZ}  Server Showing Offline ?

  1. Could be due to server crash
  2. Could be due restart config failure 
  3. Could be provider completing maintenance
  4. Could be a planned maintenance by us which we communicate out on #announcements in our discord 

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