The Clinically Insane 

The Clinically Insane 





We are a bohemia interactive monetized server

Donations are welcomed to support the uptime and the maintenance of the servers and also the premium mods and perks like Discord , Rcon and advertisement for our server to keep the population up.

Donations allow you to become part of the tiering system which highlights our greatest supporters !

(this does not give you anything different to other discord members , just allows us to be able to see and chat with our supporters easier)


We operate donation packages for Minecraft and all mods have owners approval for use with out TCI mod pack


currently items within game will not be allowed until we have gained authorisations from bohemia to be able to ensure we have covered all of the correct processes to ensure we are doing it right. they may point out some changes or tweaks in what we are currently doing... Thanks for your patience it should not take that long to sort out !!!

Benjamin Wright